Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My knight

Started off as a lazy sketch on Saturday and well…now is editorial material.


Tutoriais said...

Ta legal Bom Blog.


NathSalt said...

This is an excellent piece of art I'm very impressed ow long did that picture take to do. Btw I +1 this on google :)

crom said...

Thanks a lot NathSalt, Im glad you like it :)

Rajshri said...

i wont ask you any technical questions! i just want to say you that if it's your thought then i must say its so wonderful... a knight! a brave geek not sure of the acceptance of his proposal but ready to propose is of course brave, that's why he's a knight!
great work and presentation!

crom said...

HA HA WOW thanks a lot Rajshri. Im glad this piece made you write such an insightful comment.

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