Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New character

a quick look into my book of ideas , which holds some sketches of my new character. he hangs around north london jumping around from garden to garden , searching through rubbish bins to see what's the catch of the day. Tesko bags are his favorites. and remember I said Tesko and no tesco : D 

Monday, 28 July 2008


well, a whole new monday and a whole new week. Im posting some pages from my sketchbook, since   ladysnail  was wondering about the look of my sketchbooks. 
I m drawing almost everyday and have doodles all over my sketchbooks full of little reminders and notes....so whenever I get the time , I will post some more.
have a great week and work hard for the things you want to achieve! :D  

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oakley Design Brief

                                                design submitted to oakley . template belongs to Oakley

 today I got some great news through my email.....I started to check my emails today and the inbox had the little red dot with a big number two (which means I have 2 emails/o _ 0 ).
One of them was the everyday email I get suggesting that I should get a bigger penis (I hate spam) and the other email had to do with the Oakley brief  contest which I entered. the main idea was to design a cool look for some of their glasses and the packages of it. the deadline was a couple of days ago and this email I got says that I ve been short listed among some other people to be judge by the judging panel. 

Our work is going to be on display on the website and possibly on a future gallery ...wahooooooooo!!
if I win I get my own collection of glasses sold all over the uk at the main Oakley shops with my design and name on them. 
Little insignificant things like these really make me happy.


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

sold out!

I'm guilty of not up dating this blog on a daily or at least a weekly basis , but is just because (not making excuses) its been quite a hectic couple of weeks. 
and among all those things that have been happening during this last couple of moons , there were some great and rather satisfactory  news coming from playlounge ! telling me about how the Bear & Boy book sold out!!
so as I wasn't ready for it , playlounge endured a whole week holding no copies of bear and boy. everything is sorted now and the new printed bear and boy books are at the shop !
we are still looking to get a publisher for the second part and as well as finding ways to get the book to some other different shops across London.

Thanks to everyone who got their hands on a copy and do not hesitate to email me about the book , to make any comments or just to say hi ^ _ ^

Thursday, 3 July 2008

trainers design

I was around one of my mate's place to doodle a bit on his new trainers. this is how it went : )
he wanted to get his trainers to look (in his own words) very sexy.
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