Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oakley Design Brief

                                                design submitted to oakley . template belongs to Oakley

 today I got some great news through my email.....I started to check my emails today and the inbox had the little red dot with a big number two (which means I have 2 emails/o _ 0 ).
One of them was the everyday email I get suggesting that I should get a bigger penis (I hate spam) and the other email had to do with the Oakley brief  contest which I entered. the main idea was to design a cool look for some of their glasses and the packages of it. the deadline was a couple of days ago and this email I got says that I ve been short listed among some other people to be judge by the judging panel. 

Our work is going to be on display on the website and possibly on a future gallery ...wahooooooooo!!
if I win I get my own collection of glasses sold all over the uk at the main Oakley shops with my design and name on them. 
Little insignificant things like these really make me happy.



ladysnail said...

oakley glasses are way cool and how cool would it be to see your design associated with them? mega cool. have you been drawing at all since london or since you left uni? would like to see whats in your sketchbook? thanks for the supportive words on my blog.


Hey Cristian! ...This looks really cool, congrats on getting short listed, I hope you get it! Jess :)

Anonymous said...

By the way your design can be seen on the Oakley Design Brief website (

Thought you might like to know.


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