Tuesday, 22 July 2008

sold out!

I'm guilty of not up dating this blog on a daily or at least a weekly basis , but is just because (not making excuses) its been quite a hectic couple of weeks. 
and among all those things that have been happening during this last couple of moons , there were some great and rather satisfactory  news coming from playlounge ! telling me about how the Bear & Boy book sold out!!
so as I wasn't ready for it , playlounge endured a whole week holding no copies of bear and boy. everything is sorted now and the new printed bear and boy books are at the shop !
we are still looking to get a publisher for the second part and as well as finding ways to get the book to some other different shops across London.

Thanks to everyone who got their hands on a copy and do not hesitate to email me about the book , to make any comments or just to say hi ^ _ ^


ladysnail said...

wow! sold out! thats brilliant! am looking forward to seeing issue two. dx.

crom said...

ha..issue two may take a while to come out ..but I will make sure you hear from me when that happens.

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