Thursday, 11 March 2010

Channel 7 Media

As I said before , its been a couple of very hectic months.they have been like that mainly, because I have been working for the cool guys of Channel7Media . Directing a few Idents and handling some exciting briefs.

Have a look at their channel on youtube and keep an eye for more work.
Get in touch with me if you know of some top young designers looking to get an internship. We are looking for someone who can fit in with us bringing new ideas and doesn't need baby sitting x _ x give me a shout if you know of anyone :D

Friday, 5 March 2010

Red Shoes Collective

This has been a crazy couple of months for me (in a good way) loads of changes in my work and carrier. here I am posting one of my pieces done for the red Shoes Collective!
one of the project that I and other contemporaries have been cooking up for you from last year. make sure you check our blog out and suscribe!! loads of competitions and goodies to come so dont miss out on anything.


this was a deck of playing cards I designed based on the Third Reich (please note I have no sympathy whatsoever towards the shameful acts committed during this period and I'm not intending to offend anyone with my work)

if you want to see the whole deck just make sure you visit the Red Shoes Collective
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