Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pride & Heritage

After I got a few emails from people asking me about this character’s tattoos and how they related to the story I felt like like doing another shot where his tatts can be appreciated.

So far the only tattoos with relevant information to the story are the one on his chest which is from the clan he first belonged to and the one on his left arm are all related to the infantry wing he fights with. His hands say wild and gold, which are crucial to the struggle of his people.

Let me know what you guys think and keep the questions and emails coming :D


Ink said...

I think the tattoos are gorgeous! I love dragons tattoos. I also love how each tattoo has its own story as it makes the character that much more unique. :)

crom said...

hey thank you! you just made me realize the tattoo look like a lot like a dragon tattoo ha ha, it was intended to be a wolf tattoo :(

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