Saturday, 7 August 2010


I managed to take a quick screenshot of the project I was working on in the studio and what I have been working on the last month :) have a peek and try to see what is all about. I have to say Im enjoying it way too much, which in this case is a good thing.
on this animation Im making sure everything looks of the highest quality, but then again I say that on every animation and end up risking quality to hit deadlines and such(hope is not like that this time) I am on schedule so far.
if you want to see some of my old animations just click Here

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Deb said...

hello crom - i saw this post when you first put it -meant to leave a comment! i like the coloured in male character to the left and i wonder what it is he is riding? are the two images linked(left and rightones)? there was a giveaway on my blog - was thre for about two weeks-sorry you missed it - will probably do another one when ii next print-next week maybe. hope you are well. dx.

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