Thursday, 27 November 2008

Crom toys?

Hey everyone!!... ok here is the deal .....there is this website which some cool guys started a while ago.
You submit a design of one of your characters and people vote for it . if it wins , then they make a toy out of it and sell it . simple eh? well , this little fella is my submission. if you want to help him out by voting , just click here and vote for him. it wont take more than 5 min , and you have to register with them before you do , but what the heck help me now I'll help you later ^ _ ^

I would love to see a toy of this little fella on anyone's desk. so hey , if I win and you want to buy one for your self , we can always talk about ways to make it cheaper for anyone interested. thanks!!

if you vote , let me know so I can keep you on my "good" books ha ha.

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