Wednesday, 26 November 2008

book images 33 AOI

Good news again for bear & boy. at the end of august this year , my tutors asked me to submit my work to the annual book of the AOI (the association of illustrators).
the AOI publishes this brilliant book called "Images" which they call "The best of British contemporary Illustration".
a couple of weeks ago I got news from one of my tutors from university , telling me the AOI chose two of the images from the"bear & boy" book. This means they are going to be on the next book they publish which is Images 33.
This is really exciting and gets me in the mood to keep on drawing bear & boy. the book is going to feature people such as Tom gaul and a few of my friends from university who are really talented!...ahh and make sure you pay a visit to Ladysnail who is in the book as well. Thanks!

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Deb said...

yay! congratulations. thanks for the mention. love the bear and boy aoi image. dx.

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