Monday, 2 July 2012

My Graphic Novel “Golden Campaign” is out and available online this week for free for everyone to read and enjoy! All I want is some support and for people to engage with it. This has been my personal project for a while now and Im very pleased with the way things are going. I will reveal the URL to read the first pages of issue 1 on my facebook Group on Thursday the 5th next week, Then I should be uploading pages every week to the end of the chapter. Dont forget to visit my site to drop me a line icon wink Golden Campaign the Graphic novel for free


MLWilliams said...

did you render the kerning yourself because if you did a wonderful job if so. :)

crom said...

Hey MLWilliams, I didn't do it myself, my wife hand-rendered it herself. I just told her exactly what I wanted. :)

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