Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Coffe and Cigarrettes

This is one of the many personal projects I've been working on these days.I got really obsessed with erotic and simple instants of everyday life, after watching "Summer with Monika" by Ingmar Bergman and some other films which drove me to do this.
it all started with a few sketches and then it transformed into a 4 page, "silent" graphic novel (4 page graphic novel?)
The cover for the piece was a last minute decision, and the title , well the title , I can say I didn't put much thought into it. I later realized there is a film with the same title featuring Iggy pop in it.so I guess he does more than insurance company ads.


Cheism said...

Really liking this dude! Muay bien :-)

Emma Cowley said...

Or, the title could be a mix-up of Cigarettes and alcohol, or coffee and TV, both songs by Blur.

Personally I'd vote go for all four XD

crom said...

ha ha Emma I just saw this and made me laugh :D

humanflyuk said...

Fantastic! My favourite of your work so far (I don't see much of the connection with Bergman though). Good stuff :)

crom said...

ah thanks man!! :) Well the connection is not with Bergman directly but the film in it self (Summer with Monika) where youth idealizes beauty and romanticizes simple moments, which later in life we reminisce.
We choose to pick trivial and earnest moments along the way and as time goes by the grow within us.
The eroticism is all over the film ,from those great shots of Harriet Andersson on shore to the grimy affairs at the end of it.
and I did mention some other films....such as "Lost in translation" where it opens with those shot of Scarlet in bed.

humanflyuk said...

You know that Bergman and Harriet Andersson were 'together' when the film was made? I wonder who's your muse in this case ;)

I kind of see your connection with the film (I think even more so with Lost in Translation, there are two shots from the movie I can see in here) but I'd rather see it as your own thing :)

Love the simplicity of lines and colours and the narrative. I haven't seen much of what you've been doing lately but personally I see a lot of evolution in your work here. You know when you see something and feel inspired? Thanks!

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