Thursday, 26 June 2008

New Blood 2008

hey guys ,
bear &  boy were at the New Blood exhibition 2008 representing my university (Middlesex University) with other 10 of the most talented people of my course.
The best of the new talents in England. Loads of universities with great work from talented artist full of fresh ideas and edge "oh yeah "

bear & boy were very proud to be part of such an important event and thank all the people who stopped by to express their thoughts on the work.

I really enjoyed being there. 

Monday, 23 June 2008

bear&boy on sale

hi everyone, I thought I should leave a little post to mention that my book "bear&boy" was accepted at playlounge and is now on sale there! 
so if you boys and girls have some spare time or are rolling about through Carnavy street , have a look!! and even better if you feel like giving a home to one of my books , then buy one ^ _ ^

this is really exciting as playlounge has been on of my favorite shops in london and I know all the stuff they sale is well selected , so my book will be on display next to work from Simon Lia, Tom Gauld , E boy and such.... so super cool.
(yeah the pic is crap...I'll try to take a better one this week ).

edited* (new pics with some light , yahoooo)

the beginning

Well , this is my first post ..wahaaaaaa!!!
I was meant to do this a while ago but there was always something that required more attention.... at the moment I finished most of my commissions and the new commissions I got involved are all due to start in about two months. 
anyway , welcome, have a sit and enjoy this ride with me.... hopefully it will be full of good news and things to jump around for : )

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