Tuesday, 31 March 2009

wannab fliers

some of the flier designs I submitted for my upcoming exhibition Un-masked , to be launched on the 7th of may. be on the look out for news regarding all the talented artists involved in this illustrators showcase.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

shoot for freedom

This was a little request I had from juffrouwjo .
make sure you check the original pic from her blog. I had loads of fun doing this , playing with acrilics and scanning my own textures.
This piece has an air of what you may be looking at on my up coming exhibition on the 7th of may.

stay tuned!!

girls? guns? 40's ? come on!!

In one of my random browsing nights (a few weeks ago) through flickr, I found the most amazing photos of random people from the 1940's. This lovely lady, juffrouwjo has the craziest collection of pics. I found myself surrounded by photos of girls, who fought for the french resistance, against Nazi Germany.
they looked so cool and passionate, that I knew I had to draw something about it.

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