Friday, 17 October 2008

Idle Hands

this is page 1 of my piece for the observer competition which I didn't get to submit on time .
This is part of a series of books I plan to make, of which I have made one so far , called "hall of shame" and this little segment is from book 02 , called "Idle Hands".
page no 2 is done but still needs colouring. hope you lovely people like it and leave loads of comments and feedback ahrgggggg!! thanks.(click on it to read it).


humanflyuk said...

Cassie & l like it. Can't wait for page 2 (hope is going to be ready before Christmas.... 2015!!! hehehe)


Andres said...

I don't know what to say, your work is fantastic. I'm really impressed about the quality of it. You have such talent, and if it is just starting I can't imagine what you will do in the future. Congratulations!!!!

Jaime Andres

crom said...

hey guys thnx a lot for the lovely comments!!!...hey hf no second page will be online by the end of nest week ..promise!!

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